Translation English-German / German-English

I can translate all textual material that you want to supply with your game from English to German, or German to English – whether it is rulebooks, card descriptions, player mats, player aids, general in-game text, marketing material or anything else.

I was born in Germany, so German is my native language, and have lived in the United Kingdom for over 20 years, making English the language I use most these days.

I promise that all documents will be translated by myself, not an automated system. So you can be assured of a high-quality translation that makes sense to native speakers of the target language.

I can translate game terminology, as well as puns, metaphors, turns of phrase, dialect and other language-dependent expressions in a way that is sympathetic to the target audience, which automated systems still very much struggle with.

Prices start at £0.10 per word, but please contact me for a quote, as costs will depend on the volume and the type of the material.

Rulebook Translation

I have read many rulebooks, both in English and German, for many different tabletop games, so I can translate your game rulebooks with ease and be able to find the right terminology that players will understand.

In-Game Text

I can translate all in-game text, whether this is descriptions on cards, on the game board, player mats, player aids or anything else that will be read by players during gameplay. I am used to fitting text within the limited space available during gameplay and can edit translations down to ensure they are still clear, while at the same time succinct and short.

Marketing Material

I can ensure that all your marketing material is translated in such a way that it appeals to the target audience. It is important to understand the relevant cultural references and the target language’s idiosyncrasies so that the marketing message remains intact and creates the best response from the local market.

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